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Experienced "short-run" casting buyers know that having high-tech equipment is merely a secondary FACT for running a "short-run" shop. The most important FACT is "PEOPLE !!!"

"PEOPLE !!!" who work together as a team...as a happy family
    "         "  are dedicated to the company's continued success
    "         "  use creativity in solving on-the-job problems
    "         "  love and enjoy doing what they are doing
    "         "  are inspired in  "    "    "    "    "
    "         "   "  gifted in    "    "    "    "    "
    "         "   "  proud of     "    "    "    "    "
 That's how NFM people function in making your parts !!!
DIANA L. MACOSKO - President & General Manager
In late 1997, Diana Macosko gained majority ownership and became President & General Manager.  Before taking charge, she enjoyed managing an iron foundry that was considerably larger than NFM ... and she was very good at it.  Under her watch of that foundry, she produced all the castings that her company designed for drainage systems in the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.
TED J. MACOSKO - Vice President of Sales & Engineering
Meet Diana's husband, age 82. Some say, "Retire!".  He says he is a double-barrelled 41 and having too much fun ... like his worldwide network of like-minded buddies.  His long-suit is creativity, having had an early start, pictured below ... the aluminum disc truck wheel that he developed at ALCOA in 1946.  And that creativity is on call to work along with you in tackling your metalworking challenges.