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Our castings are made from metals certified by our suppliers to meet these specifications. When requested, we give our customers a copy of the certificate of metal used to make their castings.

Aluminum alloys that we pour on a regular basis are:

[Castings of these alloys can be supplied as-cast or heat-treated]

Copper alloys that we pour on a regular basis are:
CDA* NumberIngot NumberCDA Standards Handbook Description
C86200423Manganese Bronze (High Strength Yellow Brass)
C86300424Manganese Bronze (High Strength Yellow Brass)
C86500421Manganese Bronze (High Strength Yellow Brass)
C87610500ECopper-Silicon Alloy (Silicon Bronze & Silicon Brass)
C89833Federal 836Lead-Free Alloy patented by the Federal Metal Company to replace Hi-Lead C83600
C90500210Copper-Tin Alloy (Tin Bronze)
C90700205Copper-Tin Alloy (Tin Bronze)
C95500415DCopper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel Alloy (Aluminum Bronze)

[Of these copper alloys, only C95500 is strengthened by heat-treatment]

* - Copper Development Association