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The work we are eager to do for you is paid-for in two ways...(1) profiting from sales to you...(2) trusting that, in giving you our very best quotation, we will be invited to bid on your future metalworking requirements. At the very least, you will have gotten our honest response on what you are thinking about doing. As you read on here, you will learn that you are tapping into a wealth of knowledge & experience in the field of metalworking...our no-charge advice may include our recommending that you go in a direction other than a casting.

Of the many kinds of castings [plus other metalworking items] that we can provide, this website features NFM [Norell Foundry & Machine], a producer of aluminum & bronze sand castings [as-cast & machined] with a maximum weight of 200 pounds. For those requirements that are outside of these limits, we serve you from associates at other locations in the United States and off-shore. Nearly all of these associates have their own websites.

The most important FACT in many walks of life is a diagnosis done correctly [better said...done perfectly]. All of us are well aware of the importance of a correct diagnosis in the field of medicine to be absolutely sure not to initiate treatment that is in the wrong direction. To provide castings and other metalworking items that best serve our customer's requirements, again, diagnosis is all-important to be sure not to initiate a path that's in the wrong direction.